Promotion Standards

Concordia University School has tough standards for promotion. We want to ensure all students are ready to move to the next grade level. Promotion decisions are based on student’s readiness as noted on report cards, test scores (unit tests and standard tests), attendance, developmental readiness and other measurers.

Academic Standards

At Concordia University School we measure student’s growth against the standards set by the State of Wisconsin for each particular grade level. If a student is two (2) years or more below grade level in reading, writing or math, promotion to the next grade level will be at the discretion of the Principal and Director of Student Learning.

Standardized Testing

Decisions to promote or retain students will also be based on their performance on standardized test used at each grade level. Minimal performance in any core area is a reason for retention and the student will only be moved on to the next grade at the discretion of the Principal and the Director of Student Learning.


Students missing ten (10) or more days of school or those who are consistently arrive late to school may be retained. It is critical that students be in school on time consistently to obtain the necessary skills to move to the next grade level.

Developmental Readiness

Some students are not ready for the curriculum or challenges faced socially in the next grade level. This will be determined by their organizational skills, social skills, and emotional readiness in their current grade. The teacher and the Principal will promote those students based on observations in these areas throughout the school year.

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